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Welcome to The Kota Club as leaders In their own sphere of Influence, members possess more than a passing interest in the issues of business, world affairs, politics, science, education, travel and sports. Club membership provides invaluable contacts with highly respected individuals. They are people who can become important new friends, clients and associates. Impeccable preparation and exquisite presentation are a primary focus of the Kota Club. Our talented chef and his highly skilled staff offer a creative variety of both traditional and innovative cuisine for both daily dining and for your private functions. Whatever your special occasion, our special event staff will attend to all the details. Besides planning the menu - Either your selection or ours - we will arrange for all the components necessary to create just the right atmosphere. A diverse calendar of social events Is provided for your enjoyment and participation. enduring traditions such as our rajasthani food and other Indian cuisines, new Year's eve Gala, buffet lunch / dinner, Bar-B-Que nights are not to be missed. We welcome you to a Club that has helped shape Kota society. Your membership will leave Its own thumb print for future generations of members to examine. We sincerely wish your membership to be both professionally rewarding and socially satisfying.

Club History:- The Kota Club provides a friendly, professional and private retreat for the exclusive pleasure of members and their guests. The club thrives in its tradition to serve as an important meeting place for business-minded men and women. It is a place where they can meet, Toast the day's successes, dine or simply relax in a warm atmosphere of history and tradition.